“Blast” Part 1 of 4 - Mysterious tough guy Joey Blast falls in love with a rebellious party girl who thrusts him into a world of violence to retrieve her ex-boyfriend's coveted dick-pics. Music by www.italiansdoitbetter.com

"When the phone rings... you're dead!" A 1-minute short horror film, part of Quickiefest October 2018 Writer/Director/Special Effects/Make-Up/Sounds/Editing

Your boy Vinny D from Staten hits the streets to drop some knowledge on some shit you take for granted that's saving your life every day... he's talking street signs. Directed and edited by Matt J. Weir Written by Sebastian Conelli and Matt J. Weir

The Special Without Brett Davis is a live weekly public access variety show that is NOT hosted by comedian Brett Davis, but instead numerous terrible people with a vague physical resemblance. I appeared as Brett’s older brother Byron Davis.